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1) Renovate or build new?

This is an important consideration. Sometimes it makes more sense to find a new site or knock down the existing structure.

2) Set a REALISTIC budget.

Get multiple quotes from contractors for your project. A good contractor will not only know if your budget is appropriate, but they also may have some ideas to cut costs.

3) Hire a registered & insured designer

Being registered with MMAH is required for an individual preparing drawings for permits. RoCo also carries E&O Insurance to protect the client.

4) Get at least 3 estimates based on preliminary drawings

Once the budget drawings have been prepared, get multiple estimates based on them. This will give the contractors the best idea of what will be involved.

5) Choose Contractor based on experience & recommendations, not just price

Generally RoCo recommends against using the lowest priced Contractor. This can imply something was missed or an error was made. This could result in costly "extras" down the road.

6) Get written contracts

Getting a contract is not just for the drafter of the contract. A proper contract stipulates who is doing what, start & end dates, stipulated price,  and how payments & extras are handled.

This ensures everyone knows what is going on & when.

7) Enjoy less stress & headaches

When properly planned, a building project should run smoothly and have minimal hold-ups. Extra costs are kept to a minimum. This bit of planning will ensure you not only love your new space, but you enjoy the process just as much!

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."

- Benjamin Franklin

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