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RoCo Services

New Home Design

The choice to design a new home can seem extremely overwhelming. People that have done it may tell you that is a nightmare of headaches & problems. Not with RoCo. We work hard to ensure your project is designed exactly as you want. Through experience gained only by working in the trades, RoCo's designs are done competently and with the construction in mind. One of Robert's professors once said "If you can't see how it will go together, how can you properly design it?".

It is important to remember that RoCo is not a builder. RoCo does have a list of experienced trades and builders which RoCo can put the client into contact with. We work one-on-one with our clients to ensure your home is 100% yours. After all, you are going to live in it, so it should be exactly what you want. Your design will be specific to your site, budget, personal tastes & your lifestyle.

Rural, urban or cottage, we can design you a space that you will enjoy & grow in for years to come.

Commercial Design

RoCo expanded their design services in 2020 to include the ability to produce & seal design drawings for commercial buildings (maximum of 3 stories & 6,450 square feet). Have an office, retail space or small restaurant (30 seat maximum) that needs some designing/renovating? RoCo is here to assist you with the design area of this.

Addition/Renovation Design

Not looking for a new home? No problem. RoCo has lots of experience in renovations and additions as well.

As Robert grew up in a yellow-brick century home, he has a true appreciation for the heritage and look of old buildings. Additions shoud not be obvious, they should look like they have always been there. Renovations can create a ton of unforeseen problems and headaches, but RoCo can help avoid those & ensure your project is completed quickly.

Exterior Renovations/Accessory Building Design

RoCo has experience in exterior space design as well. Are you looking to add a pool? Do you want a spot to enjoy the sunshine in your yard? Is it time to add a garage or shop? RoCo has got you covered. We know all about by-laws and setbacks from property lines that apply to these structures.

Building Permits

We have applied for tons of building permits for all sorts of projects. As the owner, the responsibility to get a permit ultimately falls on you. We can make this process a lot easier for you & apply for permits on your behalf. Failure to obtain a permit could result in costly construction delays, legal actions & even the possible removal of completed construction work.

The room is there for the human being, not the human being for the room.

- El Lissitzky

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